You feel like dancing. It’s been a long time since you’ve been to a club, in a crowd, your face gently stroked by the rays coming straight from the heart of a disco ball, having conversations in languages you don’t even know. Your eyelids close for a while. You wake up on a train. Going through a forest, dense, ancient, luscious green, moist. It’s getting dark. The trees spin their nighttime stories, from another world, far beyond time. Trumpets, saxophone, drums. Close your eyes. You’re in a distant land, far from home, watching a sacred ritual. A soft female voice leads you deep into the jungle. Animals of colors you cannot name are paving your way into the unknown. You are the unknown. You’re them. You. Are. Focus! You’re awake … Are you?
– F*U COVID-19, Traveling Begins in Your Mind!

The record sounds like: having an acid trip on a train ride from Tayga to Timbuktu while listening to Thom Yorke’s voice on a Jimpster’s beat on a record Folamour gave you for your birthday.


Our time: 9:11pm UTC