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TiTLEZ – Under Pressure

The struggle is real... COVID-19 inspired EP by TiTLEZ.

TiTLEZ & Mirlaqi – Traveling Beyond Moving

You feel like dancing. It's been a long time since you've been to a club, in a crowd, your face gently stroked by the rays coming straight from the heart of a disco ball, having conversations in languages you don’t even know. Your eyelids close for a while. You wake...

TiTLEZ – Why So Serious? EP

“Why So Serious?” is heavy on bass, yet built from simple synths and samples, with the tight range of tape‘s natural EQ. It‘s all about bridging the gaps between different styles, making for a diverse and versatile approach which transcend the main realm of pure music...

TiTLEZ – Heartquake EP

TiTLEZ’s new release definitely reflects a unique portrait of the artist’s broad creative spectrum, offers a wide array of tones, ranging from Dub to Deep House to Techno, and serves as an amazing showcase of his skills and ability to merge tuneful melodies with sick beats and lush textures and to combine meaningful concepts with modern deep house aesthetics.

TiTLEZ – Family Affairs EP

The tracks on TiTLEZ’s new EP are carefully produced and naturally dynamic, not only mesmerizing the audience with beautiful soundscapes but also telling powerful stories in a heartfelt, honest, and emotional way. “Family Affairs” is all about taking the listener on an atmospheric journey and exploring the needs and desires of human beings… while bringing massive grooves to the floor!

TiTLEZ – Fame (feat. Zubu)

“À Paris, à Milan, à Berlin, il y a tellement de gens célèbres…”

Second single from the upcoming EP titled “Fame” is putting a modern twist on the classical notion of the concept of fame. With the power of the Internet in today‘s world and careers being made overnight, what does it take to become famous?

TiTLEZ – Longing (feat. Leo)

“So lost in your eyes…”

The first single from TiTLEZ’s EP “Longing” tells a story of a love that imprisons us in unhealthy and addictive relationships, causing us to repeatedly make bad decisions and …

TiTLEZ – Affected

Released in October 2016, exploring more minimalistic & darker side of House Music. Love this track and the juxtaposition of the vocals on this rather minimal / tech house backdrop.

TiTLEZ – Freedom

Released in May 2016, pumping House tune ready for the Dancefloor.

TiTLEZ – Simple Truths

Released in Dec 2015, Vocals by szwd Featured on MUNOCUDY Vol. 2 Compilation Featured on CDR Berlin's special podcast on Berlin Community Radio "As many of you know, in my parallel life I'm a psychologist / psychotherapist and the work I'm doing has always been a big...



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