Released in Dec 2015, Vocals by szwd

“As many of you know, in my parallel life I’m a psychologist / psychotherapist and the work I’m doing has always been a big inspiration for the music I’m making. There have been many researches that are concerned with the common factors in successful psychotherapy process and outcome. And there seems to be an important factor that is independent of any psychotherapy school – the relationship between the client/patient and his/hers therapist. So it’s not really about any special methods, but more about the attitude of the therapist and his authentic presence. In a way, it’s about truly being there for the other and to see and hold him/her in his/hers core essence.
And isn’t it what we all humans want, truly bein seen by another person? We often do a lot of nonsense and run after uninportant things just to finally get the feeling that we belong, someone is there for us and we’re being (truly) accepted and loved.

Same, same, people remain
chasing our desires in vain
(but) is there much more to say
than “I love you”?


Our time: 9:39pm UTC